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Local Rules:

All Members should be familiar with, and know how and when to apply the Local
Rules; both permanent and temporary and the Rules of Golf in general.
Temporary Local Rules are written on the Events white board; either phasing
out or becoming permanent. Permanent Local Rules are written on the reverse
side of the Club Score Card and amended when necessary. Note the following
inclusions to the Local Rules; outlined on the Club Score Card. These amendments
are effective from January 1 2007.

Drains: All drains are classed through the green and the ball shall be played as
it lies, except when the ball lies in, casual water, embedded stones, vehicle
tracks, relief may be taken under Rule 25.1b (1).

Out Of Bounds: O.O.B. are those parts of the course clearly defined by boundary
fences. The perimeter of the car park and the far side of the creek
are O.O.B. The right side 4th, 7th, 8th and 9th holes are O.O.B. The left hand side of
the 14th is O.O.B

Immoveable Obstructions: All made roads and paths, all internal fencing,
shelter sheds, watering points, sprinklers rubbish bins and sand bins are immovable
obstructions. Rule 24.2 applies

Ground Under Repair (GUR): Through the green, embedded stones maybe
treated as GUR.

Hazards (Dams) - When playing the Hole number 1 the dam is a water hazard Rule
26.1 (a) (b). When playing a hole number 10 the dam is deemed to a lateral water
hazard and Rule 26.1 (c) is applied.
Trees- If a staked tree or a tree under 2 club lengths in height, interferes with
stance or area of intended swing, the played takes relief under Rule 24.2 (b).

Slow Play:

The prevention of slow play is the absolute responsibility of all Club Members.
All players should refer to the Local Rules on the Club scorecard and Events white
board. Rulings and pertinent instructions from the Pro-Shop must be adhered to. It is
considered that it would be reasonable for a group of four players to take an average
of 15 [fifteen] minutes per hole- that is four hours and thirty minutes maximum for
the round.

Note: The lowest Handicapped or equal lowest Handicapped Members of the playing
group; is/are deemed to be the 'Captain' of that playing group, and responsible for
the overall cohesion of play for that playing group. Each group will satisfactorily hold its place in the field by being safely and not harassing as close as possible to the group in front. Move quickly between shots. Be ready [in advance] to play your ball.
Limit the amount of practice swings and address time.
Move quickly from greens.
Do not loiter to mark cards or chat.
Members who fall behind and have a clear hole ahead [for a typical par 4 hole] in a
field of players should call the following players through immediately. Players
searching for a lost ball should signal the players behind them to play through as
soon as it becomes apparent that the ball will not easily be found. Take action before
5 [five] minutes has lapsed.
A provisional ball should be played as soon as it is apparent that a ball may be lost,
or out of bounds.
With exception of Match Play; the player first on the tee and ready, may tee-off, if
the group in front cannot be reached, or the longest hitters may
tee-off last.
A Member need not continue to play when the ball has no bearing on a result and all
scoring shots have been completed.

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